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Canadian Quality Assured

Leadbetter Foods is proud to have 2 federally inspected facilities, CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) Establishments 637 and 739. Being federally inspected means we produce to the highest food safety and quality standards. We have CFIA inspectors in both of our plants daily, performing continuous assessments and audits on our food safety (HACCP) systems, which comply with the FSEP Manual. We meet all regulations laid out in the Canadian Food and Drug Regulations as well as the Meat Inspection Regulations. 

We also receive Third Party Audits, in which we have achieved the highest standard possible at both Plants.   

Being federally inspected also means that we can sell our products Canada wide and also export anywhere in the world. Leadbetter Foods exports products to numerous countries including the U.S., Japan and Mexico.

Leadbetter Foods has a dedicated Quality Control team, committed to ensuring that we consistently make all  products to the highest possible standards.

Please visit the Canadian Food Inspection Agency for complete details on how Canada maintains a safe and healthy supply of food domestically and for export.


Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points / Food Safety Enhancement Program

Leadbetters Canada Quality Assurance  Canada Quality Assurance